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Sesión de psicólogo


When we feel sick, our head hurts, our stomach hurts, we tend to attend to everything that causes us physical discomfort, we go to a specialist doctor, but... have you ever thought about where to go if one day you feel very sad, without wanting to live or with a broken soul?


Perhaps you are going through a series of events in your life where you cannot find a way out or an explanation. It is likely that you have tried many times to make peace with that problem and/or you have tried to understand it, hide it, analyze it, get away from it and this has not worked either. It may be that you have tried to do more of the same and this has not had an effect either.

You may be in a situation where you cannot trust your friends and family. Even many times things are happening that it is not so easy to apply them with your family or friends. Maybe you have questions about mental health and need another perspective. It may be that you feel stuck, stuck, alone, without seeing any way out and you need to find a new way to face your life.


Perhaps the relationship with your partner is not going well or they are about to separate and all this is affecting your well-being and other areas of your life. And it may be that what you have is something more painful. There are many reasons people come to therapy, and every reason is valid.


Your problem has a solution and together we will manage to find a different path to everything that currently torments you

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