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Ana Marcela  was born and raised in Monterrey, Mexico where she studied a degree in Psychology , a specialization in education and development of children and adolescents at the University of Monterrey. Ana Marcela graduated with honors with the recognition: Suma Cum Laude, being the highest 1% of her generation.  In Mexico she gave therapy to teenagers, adults and couples in a community center. She also gave workshops to couples on how to have a satisfying relationship.

Later, she went to live to the United States where her passion as a therapist, the desire to continue providing therapy and helping her community led her to study a MASTERS IN SCIENCE OF COUNSELING at SMU. Ana Marcela Graduated with a 4.0 GPA being a minority in her grad school and studying a master in English which isn't her native language.  Eventually, she obtained her License as a marriage and family therapist in the state of Texas (LMFT).  She has a special training to work trauma: EMDR, which is recognized worldwide. Another of her trainings is to work with couples | PACT1, she also has extensive experience in trauma, grief, infidelity, relationship conflicts, anxiety and depression. Her focus has always been mental health in the hispanic community which has make her one of the strongest leaders and advocates for mental health in this community. 

Today Ana Marcela has her group practice, Therapy Works Counseling,  where her all hispanic and bilingual group serves children, teenagers, adults, couples and families in spanish and english. She also teaches workshops and gives international speeches in diverse topics.

​​Her passion for helping others has led her to be invited to different places and platforms to give workshops and talks. She also participates as an expert guest on television networks such as Univisión, Estrella TV, EWTN,   on radio stations such as: Radio Católica and La Nueva, international podcasts such as: Supervive from the Rosa es Roja Foundation.  She is co-creator of the Feliz - Mente Mujer congress.  Trainer for mental heath clinicians at SMU and TCU. Key note speaker at the Adolescent symposium, TAMFT, among others.  Some topics of her expertise are: MENTAL HEALTH FOR THE HISPANIC COMMUNITY, COMMUNICATION AND CONFLICT RESOLUTION, CONFLICT, RULES AND CONSEQUENCES FOR CHILDREN, ANXIETY AND DEPRESSION, GRIEF, DOMESTIC VIOLENCE, among others. 

Her expertise on mental health in the hispanic community has lead her to teach trainings to fellow colleagues about this topic. Ana Marcela with some of her team have trained mental health staff of different Independent School Districts in the DFW area, presented colloquium at SMU, and be a key speaker  for TAMFT 2023 CONFERENCE, 2023 adolescente symposium.


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