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Have you ever felt that your family does not understand you? Do you think that things are not working because the family is disorganized? Do you think they are dysfunctional?


Undoubtedly what happens with a single member of the family affects everyone, this is the fundamental principle of family therapy. Family therapy is designed to work together with all the members that make it up. In this space you will be able to find tools that allow you to solve the problem, and above all, reconcile and find answers in common.


What common problems do families face?

When one or more family members are experiencing difficulties, it is important to review what is happening and what we need to change. In cases of divorce, separation, addictions, among other traumas, it is advisable to approach family therapy.

The rearrangement of the members, the roles that each one plays, the expectations, among others, are issues that change with therapy for better dynamics and satisfaction.

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Time and Duration

Family therapy lasts for 50 minutes or 100 minutes (depending on availability).


Each therapy is specifically designed to meet the needs of patients.

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How do I access an appointment?

To access an appointment with a specialist you only need to contact us, contact us through our social networks or by clicking on the following button

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Make an appointment with Specialist

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