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Wherever you are you can take therapy! Did you know that online therapy has the same benefits as face-to-face? Although without a doubt with more ease and access, avoiding transfers or even traffic. This space is ideal for all those people with limited time or who are constantly traveling.


Online therapy is by video call through a secure portal, especially for therapists. The therapist sends you a link where you can connect from wherever you are to your session.

We know that confidentiality and feeling in a free space to talk about your conflicts is important, which is why we recommend the following:

Rosa y Morado Hojas Acuarela Pincel Familia Día de la Madre Tarjeta Plana.png
  1. Find a space just for you

  2. Use headphones at all times

  3. Do not forget to bring a device that allows you to connect to your session

  4. If there is someone else at home you can ask them to leave for 50 minutes

  5. Stay in a closed space

  6. Take tissues with you (only if you think you need them)


Time and Duration

The online therapy has a duration of 50 minutes.


Each therapy is specifically designed to meet the needs of the patient.


How do I access an appointment?

To access an appointment with a specialist you only need to contact us, contact us through our social networks.


Make an appointment with Specialist!

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