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Comprehensive Psycho-Educational Evaluation

A psychoeducational assessment is sometimes also referred to as a school assessment or a learning disabilities assessment. This type of assessment isusually conducted for school-age children as young as 4-5 years old, but can be conducted for adolescents and adults as well. The most common reason a psychoeducational assessment is conducted is to get access to accommodations
and/or modifications in the classroom, workplace, or testing environment in college, university, or graduate school. The purpose of the assessment is to identify the following: intellectual giftedness, learning disabilities, developmental delays, behavioural issues, mood or emotional concerns, social issues,social skills, mental health issues, and overall academic and intellectual strengths and weaknesses.


  • Full evaluation of the major areas of cognition, full academic battery (reading, writing, math), and may *include assessment of executive functioning.

Details about the evaluation 


  • 1 hour of consultation

  • 6-8 hours evaluations (could be in 2 days)

  • 7-10 days of writing the report

  • 40 minutes consult results and treatment options .

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