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MS, LPC Associate
Supervised by Staci Farley, LPC-S.


My objective as a therapist is to help you find the solutions to situations that has caused you stress and mental pain. I believe that you are the expert of your life that has solutions within yourself, but may need guidance to help draw those strengths out and put them into action.


In a relationship that is collaborative and empowering, we will work together to find these solutions in a space filled with respect, security, and sensitive to your needs. My techniques focus on people’s strengths, solution-focused, compassion, and I use CBT in which it focuses on modifying your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors in order to strive for a satisfying life that you want.


I also use Play Therapy with children as a way for them to communicate their thoughts and feelings in a developmentally appropriate manner. As a therapist, I will help you develop tools that will help in controlling your emotions, stress, or manage time wisely. Therapy is a journey to strive for a life worth living. It would be an honor to undergo this journey with you!


  • Divorce

  • School problems

  • Family conflicts 

  • Pain

  • Trauma

  • Suicidal ideation

  • Sexuality Concerns

  • Anger management

  • Life transitions

  • Anxiety

  • Parent Skills

  • Behavior problems 

  • Depression

  • Relationship problems


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  • Kids

  • Teenagers

  • Adults

  • families

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