Children Individual Therapy

Niños con mochilas

One of the techniques used here at Therapy Works.

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Therapy with children is done through play since it is the language children express themselves. When children are young, the power to express with words can be very difficult and their brain development may not yet have the language to express what they are going through or their feelings. Through play, the therapist helps the child explore his thoughts and feelings, communicate and give meaning to his life experiences.


Therapists specialized in this modality, help children of all ages to provide a safe and trustworthy environment in order to assimilate and process difficult experiences, thereby increasing their self-esteem and confidence. Therapists also have constant communication with parents, communicating what changes need to be made at home for the best well-being of the child.


Our main goal is to provide children with more adaptive behaviors and better mechanisms for everyday life. This serves to help develop a more positive view of their place in the world.


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